What Happens When You Have A Coach 
With 12 Years Of Teaching Experience + 
Over A Decade In The Fitness Industry?


"In just 8 weeks of working with Jason, I can finally fit into my shorts properly!

I can't believe you can get these kinds of results by eating the foods you love!"

-Tanya, 41
"I'm down 85+ pounds - I never do cardio, and I eat carbs every day.

This is a dream come true!"

- Simon
""I tried everything -   
And nothing worked.

Once I teamed up with Jason,
everything clicked.

I'm 48 years young and I look like I did when I was 20!"

"I dropped 50 pounds in 6 months and ended up with a 6-pack.

And all I did was follow Jason's simple advice!"

Patrick O'Connor
"With your guidance, I've lost
83 pounds and counting.

Signing up for your program 
has changed my life.

In the best possible way."
- Jennifer

"Jason, you helped save my life. 

I was in deep depression, as life had kicked the shit out of me, 
but I have taken control.

You are part of a small small group of people that helped me reach goals I didn’t think were possible. "
- Brian, 51

Dear Frustrated Dieter,

Imagine this...

You wake up one morning, take your shower, and grab your work trousers...

You step into them, first the right leg, then, the left...

You pull them up...

Attempt to zip up the zipper...

And then... 

"Oh, crap," you think to yourself, 

"These pants used to be loose, and now I can't even zip them up properly! 

I think it's time to go on a diet..."

Has the above scenario ever happened to you?

Because it's sure happened to me before...

After you decide it's time to get into better shape - the BIG Question Remains...

What are you going to do for your exercise and diet plans?

Are you going to take up running, pounding the pavement for hours on end, even though you don't really enjoy it?

Are you going to go "Keto" or try the "Whole 30" and give up all kinds  of foods you love?

Or even worse... are you going to go buy some "Fit Tea" or "Exogenous Ketones" and drain your bank account in hopes for a "Magic Bullet" that doesn't exist?

So many people are going to try one of the above approaches, get fed up, and quit in a matter of weeks, only to think they are doomed for disaster.

But it simply doesn't have to be this way.

Our Army Of Soldiers consistently shreds fat without resorting to crazy training programs or restricting their diet in any way. 

Now, does that mean they bring Tupperware containers full of salad and chicken breast to their social events?

Absolutely Not.

They just follow the system we have in place for them and they reap the benefits and buck the "fads and gimmicks" that trap everyone else.

Let me tell you a quick story about how I was able to achieve such amazing results…and do it with only two hours a week of exercise and minimal changes to my diet.
Here’s what it’s all about:

I remember looking in the mirror one morning and just thinking to myself… “What happened to you?”

I was a new Father to two little girls, and I was appalled by the vision that I saw in the mirror.

I was about 80 pounds overweight.

I was tired all the time.

I never slept well.

I suffered from acid reflux on a daily basis.

My face was puffy and bloated.

And on top of all that, my clothes seemed to get a little tighter each and every day.
I Looked Like Crap.
And I Felt Like Garbage.

It was hard to get healthy. 

I was teaching middle school at the time. 

Lesson planning, paper grading, changing diapers, giving bottles, and living life in a daze had left me in embarrassing shape.

After months of consistent weight gain I decided I had to make a change.

I wanted to get back down to a reasonable weight.

I wanted to lose all this disgusting belly fat that accumulated on my stomach and love handles.

I wanted my face to look like ME again.
I Just Wanted My Old Body Back.

The problem was I didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to some insane workout program or complicated diet.

I only had about 2 hours per week to work out - that was it. 

You see, I had tried "fad diets" in the past, with almost no success. 

I had tried to "run the weight off of me" with nothing to show for it. 

So, I did what any teacher would do. 

I began to study and research. 

I ignored all the "clickbait nonsense", and I started reading real studies and transformation stories. 

I looked at the habits and lifestyles of those who had mastered themselves physically.

I found a startling theme: All of these high performers and successful dieters had two one in common. 

And believe it or not, most of the time...
They Do Not Restrict Food Choices, Nor Do They Kill Themselves In The Gym.

Here’s what I found out...

People who lost fat quickly and kept it off did two things right. 

The first thing is they got their nutrition in order. 

Now that doesn’t mean they went on a crash diet. 

Or cut out all of their favorite foods. 

Or dropped their calories so low that they couldn’t function normally. 

They didn’t start skipping meals or doing anything crazy like that. 

They just followed a few simple guidelines that anyone can follow...

Most of the time, they ate healthy. If they went out with friends or family, they followed a simple, sensible plan that let them enjoy themselves and not feel like the weird one at the table.

I started following their lessons and strategies, and in just a few days...
My Clothes Started To Feel Big On Me.
Now just these diet tips alone would have been enough to get me to my goals. 

But I wanted results FAST. 

And I didn't want to lose any valuable muscle as a result of my diet.

I began strength training with a proper program on a consistent basis.

Soon, my family and friends didn't even recognize me...
I Lost 80 Pounds Of Fat!
I was amazed. 

I knew this plan worked for me, but I wondered… would it work for others? 

So I gave my plan to a few of my friends to see what would happen. 

And guess what? 

They got incredible results, too.

Here’s what happened:
I knew I was on to something. 
And I wanted to try to help other people 
transform their bodies and change their lives.

So I started teaching others my methods
for shredding fat, gaining muscle, 
and improving your life!

And this was all just 8 years ago...
Since Then Well Over 7,000 Men And Women 
Have Successfully Used My System To Lose Fat, 
Build Muscle and Regain Their Lost Energy...
***These are transformations of Full Access: Anyman Fitness Members. No fluff, no BS.***
Jennifer, 44 (40 pounds down)
Brett, 35 (40 pounds down)
Mike, 21 (from flabby to 6 pack)
Maria (6" off her waist)
John, 41 (41 pounds down)
Liddy, 43 (60 pounds down)
Amy (10" off waist, 40 pounds down)
Dustin (6" off waist, 33 pounds down)
Judi, 53 (8" off waist, 37 pounds down)
Ashleigh, 39 (8" off waist, 50 pounds down)
Ross, 40 (6" off waist, 40 pounds down)
Dave, 49 (6" off waist, 25 pounds down)
     Deven, 25 (10" off waist, 40 pounds down)
Christina, 32 (4 dress sizes down)
Hayden, 38 (9" off waist, 25 pounds down)
Casey, 55 (5" off waist, 20 pounds down)
Phyllis, 36 (5" off waist, 15 pounds down)
Brian, 42 (7" off waist, 35 pounds down)
Charles, 43 (15" off waist, 121 pounds down)
Vic, 53 (11" off waist, 40 pounds down)
Alice, 61 (Size 12 to Size 4)
Autaum, 35 (10" off waist, 68 pounds down)
The reason for my clients' success is simple.

With a Master's in Education and 12 years of experience in the classroom, I know exactly what you need, often before you need it.

All you need to do is follow along to the best of your ability - nothing more, nothing less.

Everything is explained in crystal-clarity and fitness has never been easier before. 
“The perfect way to achieve fat loss  
while eating enormous amounts of food!”

-Jen Goldsmith, Client
Here's What You Get On The Inside:
Step-By-Step instructions and guidance on exactly how to achieve your goals from a highly sought after fitness coach, accessible from any PC, laptop, cell phone, or tablet.
In my "Class", you'll discover...
  • How to lift weights safely and properly even if you’ve never touched a barbell before
  • Specific and exact macronutrient recommendations for your unique metabolism
  • ​Lessons from a professionally trained educator, breaking complex fitness concepts down into simple and actionable advice for you.
  • ​Content delivered directly to your inbox just when you need it most from a Coach who has helped thousands through sweeping transformations.
  • ​A Full Recipe Guide with 81 options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even dessert.   All the ingredients, instructions, and nutritional information is included -           Dieting has never been this simple!
  • Our most effective, fat-blasting and muscle building workouts that will require less than 3 hours per week in the gym.
  • ​  An easy-to-follow, flexible diet plan that will melt fat off of your body without requiring you to give up your favorite foods.
  • ​ A lifestyle system that has allowed over 7,000 men and women lose an average of 4 inches off their waist and 15 pounds in the first 12 weeks.
  • Exclusive, members-only content such as training videos, mindset help, dietary adjustments, healthy recipes, and much, much more.
  • Access To Our Exclusive Tracking App - track your workouts, your measurements, your progress pictures, message your coach, and much, much more. 
  • ​ A private community of people - just like you - who are working together on their goals for accountability and support.
What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?
"Clients lose an average of 4 inches off of their waist 
and 15 pounds on the scale in the first 12 weeks 
of using our system."

Here's a look at some specific client results
"I've lost over 65 pounds using this system. It's not a fad. It's not a gimmick. It's pure, evidence based results, and it's sustainable for everyone. "

-Bo, Client

"It's tough to get in shape as a petite female. You need some special 'tricks', so to speak. Jason knew just what to do to get me into the best shape of my life."

-Cheryl Young, Client

"When I look back at the old me, I can't believe what Jason has helped me accomplish. It's mind boggling. It makes me shake my head in disbelief."

-Jim, Client
"I have 3 children. What used to work just doesn't work anymore. I needed help, and I got my old body back."

-Susie, Client

"Jason's approach is simple and perfect 
for a busy father of two. 

 It was not what I was expecting, 
but it was exactly what I needed! 

 An awesome and life-changing experience!"

-Stan, Client
So... What Does Full Access: Anyman Fitness Cost?
Now ordinarily people pay up to $500 per month to have me coach them through this system. 

In fact...
If you were going to purchase each piece of our system
"a-la-carte," here is what this would set you back...
Dietary set-up and macronutrient numbers based on your personal metabolism optimized for fat loss or muscle gain.  
Value: $99 per month
Tracking parameters with precise instructions on how to properly gauge progress to ensure you are losing 100% pure fat. 
Value: $29 per month
Monthly workouts specifically designed to boost your metabolism, shred fat, increase your muscle mass, and leave you feeling amazing.
Value: $99 per month
A private community of like-minded individuals ready to support you, motivate you, and provide you with accountability to succeed.
Value: $59 per month
Members-only videos, mindset techniques and tricks, macro counting help, healthy recipes, and much, much more.
Value: $49 per month
Access to our clients-only tracking app to track your progress, your workouts, your weight, complete with MFP, Withings, Facebook and FitBit integration.
Value: $19 per month
All the tools you will need to finally wear that bathing suit with pride and confidence.
Value: Priceless
You can see you get $354 worth of material constantly… right at your fingertips. This is yours to take with you wherever you go and whenever you go. 

Occasionally, someone will tell me "I don't have $37 per month in my budget right now, Jason."

Which is understandable, but short sighted.

Everyone who joins us has more money in their pocket at the end of the month.

Think about it...

Do you think if you started paying attention to your nutrition, you would dine out less?

Of course you would.

It only takes ONE home cooked meal per month and you just paid for your membership.

And let's get real... if you won't invest $1.23 per day in your health, we aren't on the same wavelength here.

You can find that much scratch in your pants pockets...
What Would You Pay To Melt Off Body Fat...
Keep it Off and Improve Every Aspect of
Your Lifestyle?
In reality, when I started coaching, I only did "high ticket, 1:1 offers".

But not everyone has $500 per month to spend.

Instead, I created Full Access: Anyman Fitness.

Just to help those out who needed the help, but couldn't afford the high price tag of 1:1 coaching.

Your spot is just $37...

"Jason's approach gave me hours 
of my life back and amazing results. 

I'm finally fitting back into a size 2 
without popping buttons!"

-Elenita, Client
30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee
If you’re still on the fence about getting and staying in shape… you don’t have to be.

Simply try out Full Access: Anyman Fitness. 

If you follow along with our Fitness System for 30-Days
and you are not blown away with the results,
simply message me and I'll refund every penny.

You’re either 100% happy or I’m not happy. You’re free to keep any bonuses you receive from your time with us.

I know once you claim your spot… and experience the Army of Greatness... I know this will work for you. 

I’m that confident in what I do.
What Do Our Current Members Think
About Our Experience?
***Dozens And Dozens Of 5-Star Reviews***
Clients lose an average of 4 inches off of their waist 
and 15 pounds on the scale in the first 12 weeks
 of using our system.
Imagine This...
It's late May, and it's finally 80 degrees.

You're invited to a Memorial Day pool party.

You look at the invitation and it says "Be Sure To Bring Your Bathing Suit! Everyone Will Be Swimming!"

How will you feel?

Nervous? Anxious? Scared? Intimidated? Self-Conscious?
But What If...

What if instead of being unsure of yourself when May hits,  you just spent the last few months shredding fat - building muscle - and crushing your fitness goals... 

We both know you'd have a drastically different body than you did this time last year!

What will your friends think when you reveal your new body?

All that nervousness rushing right out the window.

You're going to look at that invitation and smile, my friend!

Let's smile together.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q:  What kind of exercise equipment will I need to start?
We have options no matter your situation. We have professionally designed programs for full gyms, dumbbell only, bodyweight, suspension trainers, and kettlebell workouts.
Q:  How long will the workouts take?
A:  You will have your choice of training 3 days, 4 days, or 5 days per week. The workouts will take 45-60 minutes apiece.
Q:  Will I have to do any cardio?
A:  Not unless you want to! Our system is specifically designed to allow you to lose weight with minimal hunger, and without the need to do any cardio work whatsoever.
Q:  I don't know how to count macronutrients - is that a problem?
A:  Not at all. Macronutrient counting is a skill, like anything else. We have a full video guide showing you our simplification system. Once you get the hang of it, it will take you 2-3 minutes per day, tops.
Q:  Are there any foods I have to eat? I can't stand "diet foods"!
A:  Nope. There are literally zero foods on our "do not eat" list. In fact, we don't even HAVE a "do not eat list"! Diets should be enjoyable, and we will show you how to eat the foods you love and still make amazing progress.
Q:  I have a lot of weight to lose. Will this still work for me?
A:  Totally. I have personally lost 80 pounds using this very system, and many of our long-term clients can say that exact same thing. You put in the work, you will get the results - period.
Q:  How much will I have to spend on supplements?
A:  Nothing. Not one, single penny will go towards purchasing supplements, unless you take them for your own, personal reasons. I'm not here to "upsell" you on pills, potions, and powders. I'm here to teach you how to do this the right way.
Meet Your Coach
Jason Helmes is the owner and operator of Anyman Fitness, an online fitness consultation firm that specializes in making life improvements for regular people.

A former middle school teacher, Jason took his mathematics background and began to explore the world of fitness from an educator's perspective, bringing a unique and refreshing framework with which to view your diet and exercise.

Since Anyman Fitness opened its doors, thousands of people have lost many tens of thousands of pounds using his teachings and his programs. 

Jason spends his time lifting, coaching, and making living room forts with his two daughters, Brooklyn and Ava. 

He currently resides in Michigan with his wife, Kate. 

Jason's work can be seen in numerous high-profile publications such as Bodybuilding.com, Men's Health, Yahoo, The Personal Trainer Development Center, and many more.