No Cardio. Pure Results.
This Is Your Exclusive Pass To The Revolutionary
No Cardio Fat Shredding Protocol!

*We begin on Monday, March 30th*
Enrollment Closes In:

***Note From Jason***

No Cardio Fat Shredding will have:

✔️Barbell Routines
✔️Dumbell-Only Routines
✔️Bodyweight Routines

No matter your equipment situation,
we have you covered.

Be well, and stay safe.  -Coach J

Access Includes:
  • A 6-Week Fat Shredding course specifically designed for you to rapidly drop fat while only training 40 minutes, 3 times per week (no additional activity required)
  • Full support from a fitness coach who has helped over 3,000 people get into the best shape of their lives, without the need for the treadmill or the elliptical. 
  • Flexible Dieting Plan to eat all of your favorite foods and still make progress.
  • 3 Training Programs (barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight) designed to build smooth, toned muscle as you lean out.. 
  • A private community of others, just like you for support and motivation.
What Others Are Saying:

Ed Latimore, 35

"In 5 weeks, I went from 225 to 210... That's a lighter weight than when I was boxing professionally! These results are crazy!"

Blaze, 22

"I'm in the best shape of my life - it's like a dream come true!"

Kari, 27

"Who knew lifting weights and dropping the cardio would produce such incredible results? I'm amazed!"

Bo, 41

"What an amazing and supportive group - Jason gives you all the tools you need and makes fitness FUN!"
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