Terms & Conditions

Memberships are either monthly, yearly, or lifetime.

With a monthly membership, each payment gives you the next 30 days of access to your materials. 

You may cancel at any time under the settings in your app - no long term contracts.

There are no prorated refunds for unused membership time.

Payments recur on the numbered date your original purchase was made. 

(Ex:  You joined on the 15th and your payment recurs each month on the 15th.)

With a yearly membership, the payments are recurring on the same date each year following the original purchase.

(Ex:  You joined on March 20th and your yearly payment will renew on March 20th of each year.)

Each time a yearly membership payment goes through, there is a "30-Day Window" for you to receive a refund, in case you forgot about the recurring charge. 

With a lifetime membership, you pay once and you're golden. Lifetime memberships are guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years.

With a Free Trial, you pay nothing until the Free Trial period is up.

Once the Free Trial period is up, your payment will automatically go through and you will have access to the materials for the next 30 days.

***Once a Free Trial has matured into a membership, there are no refunds for payments which have gone through - you must cancel before the Free Trial period ends to have zero payment. 

The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is as stated, per our sales page:

In order to qualify for the Money Back Guarantee, you must complete/track our workouts, use our macro recommendations consistently, and not get the results you were looking for.

***There are no refunds for "giveaway promotions", such as with the 5 Day Challenge.

-Coach J